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town. we have fog in the eastern portions of town, as well. showers yesterday afternoon. they cleared out. we are left with clear skies and light wind. yellow county west of 95 dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning and visible. you can loudoun is down to zero. a quarter mile in air park. quarter mile in easton. 30s north. mid to upper 40s south. howard touched on it, it's the fog we are dealing with. the live shot of 270. head lights. keeping things moving we move over to the outer loop and show you in maryland. things are filling out but
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that's not the shot. everything everything is fine from the times building to the third street tunnel. the maps next and show you 95 to 66. clean and green. everyone is moving at spa speed. the construction sites have cleared and 95 a different situation as we take you outside and show you we have a lot of tay lights here. congestion between the prince william parkway and lorton and delay that stretches from the fairfax county boy to the back lick road exit. that's the traffic. back to you. we get to a story that is new this morning. dc police are investigating a shooting. it happened last night along 9th street in southeast washington. we are told the man was grazed and should survive. police have not said if they have made any arrests. a man is recovering after being hit by a metro bus. the w-2 bus hit him last night in southeast. he is expected to survive.
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police are looking in to exactly what happened. dc council chair and mayoral candidate vincent gray is getting hit with a $300 fine every day. the fine will start on tuesday. it stems from a building code violation. he allegedly failed to file a permit for a six-foot high fence he built two years ago around his house. a spokesman for gray says the necessary paperwork has been submitted. michelle rhee is under fire once again this morning. lawmakers want to know did a budget mistake lead to hundreds of teachers getting fired. alex trevino is live at dc school headquarters with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are learning there are must bees here at the dc public schools that could have avoided the pain that many teachers are experiencing. 256 teachers needed to be terminated. it came from michelle rhee last fall. she says the cuts were
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necessary because there wasn't enough money to pay teachers including crystal proctor. >> i'm collecting unemployment for the first time in my life. i have debt that i cannot pay. >> reporter: rhee now says the deficit numbers were wrong. there's really a $34 million surplus. >> of course we are outraged by it but the first priority has to be let's get these folks back to work. >> reporter: the councilman -- >> many teachers were great, dutiful employees that were released based on falsified numbers and now we learn there are numbers in the system that quite frankly could have avoided the pain we caused those teachers. >> reporter: the council is expected to conduct an investigation. while most firings were based on the perception no money was available, rhee let go of some teachers for other reasons, such as poor attendance records and inappropriate behavior accusations on students.
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andrea? >> alex, thank you. parents of a 14-year-old maryland boy beaten to death last year are suing anne arundel county schools. christopher david jones died last june. he was killed by two other teenagers while he was biking near his home in covetten. his parents are suing the school. parents of the two teen killers and the parents of children who allegedly egged on the beating. in all it seeks $10 million. west virginia's governor is asking for the same guy that handled the sago mine disaster to look in to the explosion last week. he is the head of the safety administration. they say upper big branch should have received a warning letter in october about a potential pattern of safety violations, but a computer program failed to include eight citations at the mine. time for another "living $mart" report and jessica doyle has more on the warning about a
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lexus suv. >> that's right. of course you told people about this consumer warning at this time yesterday. the news is consumer reports urging people not to guy the lexus gx-460 because of safety problems and now toyota told lexus dealers to stop selling the 2010 suv until the problem is fixed. in one of consumer reports emergency handling tests the suv was shown losing control in a way that could lead to a rollover, raising the risk of serious injury or death. toyota is providing a loaner car for drivers too concerned to continue to driving the gs- 460. the don't buy warning is a rarity from consumer reports. fewer people are having trouble paying the mortgage. the share of people below in their mortgages dropped in the first quarter. it is a sign that the foreclosure progress has peak. a government watch dog found
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169,000 homeowners have received long-term help. ten foreclosures for every home saved. your twitter account could look different. get ready for ads. they will run on the top of search results. spahn twitter is trying to figure out how to make money off of the 70 million users. still no business plan for twitter but think could change things. >> could bring in a lot of money. thank you. 140 characters at a time, the royal shakespeare company is performing it through twitter. each character in the play is improvising a bit and people following can join in, too. it will be an epic performance with the show taking weeks to complete. still coming your way the latest on the police beating investigation in college park. hear from prince georges
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county's police chief. and the nuclear security summit comes to an end in four minutes what president obama is saying about a key ingredient -- agreement. right now it is our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. we check in with howard bernstein. >> we are looking at fog across maryland, especially to in the north and over to easton where visibilities are at a quarter mile. watch out frederick, montgomery and howard county as well and even up to hagerstown. visibilities in those areas down to a quarter mile. by 9:00 we should see a good deal of sunshine. temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. we will be climbing to the 60- degree range or so as we head to the lunch hour. however, with a southeast win, annapolis is in the mid-50s and coastal areas along the bay struggling to get to 60 or 61 this afternoon. we may see a couple of spots in the mid-60s but expect sunshine and fog out there. watch out. >> we have a good example of that here on interstate 70. take a look. looks like things are starting to clear up.
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we saw heavy fog on i-70. things are improving a bit but you should be careful and watch those speeds. as we take you to 355 and germantown. we are seeing light traffic but low visibility in this area. route 29 no incidents. looks like we seem to be moving well through the fog. in 90 seconds more traffic, weather and news just for you on this early wednesday. stay with us.
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president obama is declaring the nuclear security summit a success. he said they ' good to secure all nuclear weapons the next four years. it is the biggest agreement to come out of the summit. the president now hopes the promises can be kept. >> this is an ambitious goal and we are under no illusions that it will be easy, but the urgency of the threat and the catastrophic consequences of even a single act of nuclear terrorism demand an effort is that is bold an pragmatic. this is a goal that can be achieved. >> reporter: this morning iran's president says he wants better relations with the united states. mahmoud ahmadinejad says iran is ready to cooperate with the u.s. and is not looking for a confrontation. you would think with all the diplomates in town it would be good for local businesses
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but think again. brittany morehouse reports it is all dependent on what kind of business you are and where you are. >> reporter: sirens every five minutes, limited access to night spots and metal detectors inside of hotels. >> it felt like big brother. big brother is here and it's time to pay the price. >> reporter: what is that price? it depends on your industry. hotels are raking in the money. >> i talked to the general manager for the renaissance which is across from the convention center and he said his problem is having enough cabs out front. >> at the w heads of state are dining on the rooftop. >> delegations need more suites so the suites command a higher rate. >> reporter: at some fine hotels those rates can reach up to $15,000 a night and get this, no tax is included. >> many of the delegations based on their international status don't pay hotel tax. >> or tax on meals or
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transportations, which chauffeurs say is ashame. >> we are making money [ inaudible ] >> reporter: while they stay they say other groups are turning a profit like escorts. >> actually we met them at the hotel actually for one hour, $500. yeah. >> and some visitors are actually. >> they go for it, yeah. >> few are going for dining downtown. some restaurants are losing thousands every day. the government staff on liberal leave. in the transitional neighborhood of shaw. >> it is one more blow. and the rerailty is that we were hoping we wouldn't have another situation like this for two years and now it is possible we may have these kind of intrusions on a more regular basis. >> reporter: brittany morehouse, 9 news now. >> there's talk about some neighborhood in addition commissioners to help the shops afced they want the government
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to help to pay when the government is shut down for the next big event. 400 beam are dead following a series of earthquakes in china. the main earthquake registered 6.9 magnitude if not stronger. early reports say devastation is extensive. massa is facing harassment claims from a former aide. the new york democrat resigned last month over an ethics investigation. right now people are evacuating part of iceland. this volcano, which has been acting up for weeks looks like it may erupt again. the video is from last month when the volcano erupted for first time in 200 years. >> they get so much emergency from the geo thermal heat in that part of the world. so they can tap that but when it decides to act it. >> it is acting up a lot. >> and concerns for massive
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flooding. >> any issues here. >> we have some fog, little fog to deal with but much better than yesterday when it was chilly and damp and just not a very nice looking day in the afternoon. talk about the fog this morning. a dense fog advisory west of 95 until 10:00 a.m. the northern areas in that dense fog advisory where the fog is really lifting north of i -66. the thickest this morning and the eastern shore seeing some from easton to a quarter mile to a mile and a quarter in cambridge. visibility is in leesburg. martinsburg up to hagerstown quarter mile or less. winchester a mile and three- quarters and southern maryland ten miles. taphannock a little fog by you. once we burn off the fog a nice day. highs in the low to mid-60s. sunny and warm tomorrow, 74. warm with a chance of showers in the afternoon and evening
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ahead of the next cold front. high on friday 675. the mom pom bus stop forecast, jackets and maybe gloves. temperatures in the 30s with patchy dense fog up north and east. 52 down south toward fredericksburg. 6:33 on the sunrise. this afternoon we are partly to mostly sunny. cool, though. winds will keep the areas on the west side of the bay in the 50s. lows in the 40s under mainly clear skies and light winds. these are the 30s i'm talking about. we sit at 48 at national. 48 fredericksburg. winchester 42. hagerstown 34 and would not surprise me if there was a slick spot in one or two spots there. it 35 with fog in laytonsville. same with rockville with the fog and 38. brandy wine 44. andrews, a touch of fog and 41. parts of anne arundel county,
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watch out for locally dense fog. a northeast wind at 7 making it feel like 44. and the barometer is 30.55. the next big storm on the map. we are watching that with some snow in montana, showers and storms in the northern and central plains here. that will be marching east and will give us our next rain chance. that's not going to come until friday afternoon and friday night time frame. it will cool us down for the weekend. the seven-day forecast. low 60s. watch they are the fog the next few hours. 74. beautiful tomorrow. warm on friday with showers and cooler weekend with highs, not getting out of the 50s on sunday. angie goff, the list of traffic incidents keeps growing. >> it is not as bad as it looks. but we are dealing with the fog and our delays. this is 270. starting to ride and burn off. that's what we like to see. from 118 germantown road to 370, drivers on this interstate
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are finding themselves below speed. the same situation on 95 and the bw parkway. things aren't so bad but going slower because of that low visibility. trying to make their way past 198 to get to the capital beltway. in virginia 66 eastbound. you are slow in two spots. first from 234 to 29 and delayed 50 to 123. this is the next shot. the beltway in virginia where we have volume building between braddock road to little river. approaching 66 to tysons corner to the american leon bridge you are okay. on 395 we will call it a wrap. below speed starting duke to seminary and tacking on ten minutes for the commute right now and the delay is growing. back to you. our time right now is 6:17. the fbi is now getting involved in the investigation in to prince georges county police and their actions last month in college park. by now you have probably seen the video. a 21-year-old university of maryland student beaten by
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several officers. he was unarmed. it happened after a maryland basketball win over duke. at least one officer has been suspended and two others are being investigated. police chief hylton says he doesn't see any inappropriate behavior by the student that would justify his officers ' actions. >> i don't know what he was saying, taunting the horses, i don't know what he was saying. if he was taunting the horses, that is inappropriate. does it justify what we saw on the tape, at this point i think it was -- i'm very disappointed. >> reporter: county executive jack johnson says he is shocked by the video and says actions like it will not be tolerated. got an old cell phone sitting around? you can turn it in to something beautiful. today from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. you can turn it in to a -- you can trade it in for a free potted flower. to learn more, go to
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visit our living green page. it is 6:19. ahead in sports why west virginia's football program is under investigation. and the capitals will go with jose theodore in the fight. what the team is saying about its goalie in three minutes.
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in 2002 hee say theodore was the best goalie and player in hockey, won this mvp that year and did it in montreal. the place to which he will return this week and return as a starter. bruce boudreau named him the caps starting goalie for the series against the canadiens then the smack talk from up north began immediately. mechanic saying it is not as if we are up against brodeur or miller they don't have a
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dominant goalie. oh, capitals, your response? >> i try not to read in to it too much. it is easy for them to say. they have two of the the best goalies in the league. >> he's a veteran of the game and he knows he can handle it and there will be a lot of pressure but be a good test. >> reporter: baseball last night the o's looking for win number two, hosting the rays. it tied at five in the tenth until pena does that. three-run bomb and o's lose -5 and they are 1-67. news the west virginia football program is under investigation by the ncaa and could face significant penalties. potential violations date back to rodriguez term as head coach and allegations he exceeded the maximum practice time for players. he is now head coach of michigan. i'm brett haber. have a great wednesday, everybody. ahead, new steps to keep
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your facebook account safe. and the clock is ticking to tomorrow's tax deadline. in ten minutes, jessica doyle has more last-minute advice. we are dealing with a lot of fog this morning and good evidence here at 355 and shady grove. take your time. over to howard. >> a hint of haze or fog but it is chilly. we will look at the fog and where it is. we will tell you how much warm it will get. 9 news now returns after this.
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we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at school books are going away in one minnesota town. students in winthrop there get ipads instead. they are happy they won't have to lug around 20-pound backpacks. teachers are excited and will have to learn to use the device, too. of course apple is happy and hopes to get over districts to sign on. still have the gloves on, howard? >> we will be in the low 40s. 46 at reagan national. some areas in the 30s. the fog not a problem here north and west of august. we have real visibility issues with the dense fog and the dense fog advisory until 10:00. the counties in yellow, west of
6:29 am
95 but really north of 66 in the dense fog advisory where we are seeing reduced vicinities could be to zero now in montgomery county. down in leesburg, parts of fairfax county, as well. look at the eastern shore. easton and cambridge a half mile visibility. we are seeing visibilities in the shenandoah valley, martinsburg to hagerstown at a quarter mile. watch out. temperatures north in the 30s. we are in the 40s. going to the low 60s. much nicer tomorrow. let's find out about the traffic and how nice that is. >> thank you, howard. hope everybody is off to a great wednesday. excuse me. i need to get a glass of water. this is what we are dealing with outside. a lot of fog. 270 expect low visibility making your way out of frederick to 370. we are also seeing a slow go from 118 germantown road to montross. taking you to the beltway in maryland, looks like the delay stretches from university to georgia avenue. heavy on 66 in two spots. 234 to 29 centreville and then
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again from route 50 to 123. taking a live look at 95. the northbound trip is slowing down from thebaines prince william parkway to lorton and then a little break in the road and then expect to use the brakes again once you reach the backlick road exit. that's traffic. back to you. we survived the traffic nightmare from the nuclear security summit is over. the blockades should be gone in morning and most of the fences walling off streets are moving out. they opened the streets last night and got rid of the barriers. also the mount vernon square metro station is open. a memorial is in place for a bicyclist. this ghost bike was set up in northwest. 68-year-old constance holden was killed on monday when she collided with a dc national guard truck. the guard and city police are investigating. world leaders will hold a followup to the summit in 2012.
6:31 am
they will see if they are meeting their goals to secure the nuclear weapons. the goal is to secure nuclear stockpiles at the end of four years. >> we have world leaders who have just announced that, in fact, this is a commitment they are making. i believe they take their commitments very seriously. >> reporter: in the wake of the summit the president of iran is drafting a letter to president obama. he says if the u.s. softens its stance iran would react positively. the much-praised contract between the district and the teachers union could be in jeopardy all because of a huge mass mistake which cost hundreds of teachers their jobs. alex trevino is live with the latest. it is like thinking you have no money and reaching in your pocket and finding a dollar but finding millions in the books here at dc public schools is
6:32 am
ruining the lives of many in the dc area. michelle rhee says 266 teachers needed to be let go because there wasn't enough money to pay them. rhee now says the deficit numbers were wrong. there is really a 34 million there's surplus. the firings impacted the lives of many teachers, like crystal proctor that collect an unemployment check and is trying to dig out of debt. >> we are outraged by it but the first priority is to get these folks back to work. >> many teachers we learned through the process that were great dutiful employees that were released based on falsified numbers and now we learn there are are numbers in the system that could have quite frankly avoided the pain we caused those teachers. >> we have plenty of questions today like how could this accounting error occur and will dc public schools reinstate those who were unjustly fired. back to you. >> thank you. police in alexandria are
6:33 am
looking for a rapist. the attack happened just after midnight yesterday, a few blocks east of the king street metro administration. the 22-year-old victim told officers her attacker grabbed her and threatened her with a box cutter and forced her in to an alley and raped her. while some will scared, police say there are things you can do to lessen your risk of becoming a victim. >> i feel like it is a freak incident but i hope, you know, people are more careful. >> we are asking them to be to be in pairs the best you can or walk with people. walk with the flow of foot traffic. if you want to listen to your music, take your head phones off when you are alone. have your cell phone and keys in your hand. be aware of your surroundings. >> police do not have a detailed description of the suspect. they are hoping anyone with information about the case will come forward. a man shot along a blue ridge parkway in virginia has died. 27-year-old philadelphia davis
6:34 am
of charlottesville had been hospitalized since the shooting in augusta county. his friend, 18-year-old christina floyd was shot and is hospitalized in stable condition. the man charged in the shootings reportedly confessed to the crime. court documents show that ralph leon jackson admits to the shooting but did not provide a motive. he is being held at a jail in virginia. well, fewer than 42 hours before you need to get the federal taxes in the mail and jessica doyle is here with more last-minute advice. >> that's right. tick tock, down to the wire. we are racing to get in the taxes by april 15th and we will continue to answer questions for the next 24 hours and then on a little bit. today, craig asks --
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this year more people are taking taxes in to -- the total number of electronically filed self prepared returns were up 6.7% from last year. h&r block and jackson hewitt reported drops in business. but turbo tax saw a 10% rise in sales through march 13th. two days left to put a stamp on the taxes or send them in electronically. we are helping you out. tomorrow we will have last- minute advice and tell you which post offices will be open late and answer last-minute questions. if you have a nagging problem e- mail your question to financial411 and check out my blog at the for more help. >> we are almost there.
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>> thank you, jessica. facebook has launched a new internal site designed to help people stay safe on-line. it is called facebook safety center. it features new tools for parents, teachers, teens and law enforcement. they offer safety tips to help you identify and avoid sexual predators and on-line bullies. it is 6:36. new this morning, virginia's governor backtracks on letters sent out to hundreds of felons. learn what he is saying now. plus, michelle obama makes a surprise trip to haiti. the latest coming up. right now we focus on virginia's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> good morning, virginia. watch for the fog. we are talking northern virginia, north of 66 more likely from route 50 north to the potomac river. where some of the fog dense, talking about a quarter mile or less. it will slow you down. the forecast for today, a little fog around 9:00. up to winchester, temperatures
6:37 am
in the 40s. we will be pushing 50 in a few spots. even fredericksburg, perhaps upper 40s to 50 as well. as we head to the noon hour n materially afternoon, plenty of sunshine and low to mid 0s in isolated locations. and as you drive home, temperatures will be holding 620 to 65. find out about the virginia commute. thank you. the focus on virginia. we begin in arlington. a shot of route 1 and 23rd street. everyone is moving at speed. no incidents to report. mclean, virginia, where we are live to you by dolly madison and cole shire. no accidents at this time. everything is getting thumbs up. a little volume is building as we get closer to hitting 7:00. flying the toll road, lanes are wide open from the greenway past the airport, all the way to the toll plaza. a little congestion trying to access 495. the biggest culprit is not the incidents or accidents but the
6:38 am
fog. we have a lot of low visibility out there in the district, maryland and virginia. take it easy and maybe leave a couple of minutes early. 9 news now will be right back. #@
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♪[ music ] >> an appropriate wakeup song for the crew of. it is working a graveyard shift t so the crew has been up for a few hours. astronauts will talk to students here on earth today. these are live pictures. the shuttle is due to land on monday. three missions remain after this one. they had a problem with the installation of the cooling system stuck valve, so i'm sure there will be questions about that and whether they have made the necessary repairs. it is 6:42. in 18 minutes, the cbs "early show" begins. maggie rodriguez is in new york
6:43 am
with a preview. good morning, maggie. coming up this morning, we are following the breaking story of the morning. the earthquake in china that has killed so many people out there, at least 400 an injured ten thousand more. we will take you to the scene and following a story out of your community, the community of maryland where you have been reporting a 21 yield was beaten by police officers during a rowdy celebration. it was caught on tape and this morning we will speak to the young man's attorney about the investigation that has been launched against the investigators. also, we went undercover this morning. our consumer correspondent drove across the country in search of an honest mechanic. we went with a car that needed maybe $180 worth of repairs max and got some quotes that were well, well beyond that. it is eye opening and we can all learn from this one. be sure to stay tuned to the "early show" coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, maggie. we will be watching. it is the meeting of first ladies today in mexico city.
6:44 am
michelle obama meets her mexican counterpart today. she arrived in mexico city last night. she will visit a museum and school today and then speak at a university later this evening. this is her first solo overseas trip as first lady and comes a day after making a surprise visit to haiti. catherine brown has more on that. >> reporter: it took no time at all for the first lady to find a common rhythm with homeless haitian children ♪ [ music ] ♪ they welcomed michelle obama and vice president biden's wife jill with songs and dancing and invited the women in to a concerted -- converted bus for an an art therapy class. this was the hopeful side of haiti but the devastation from the earthquake was impossible to miss. >> deeply moving day for jill and i. >> reporter: on her first solo trip overseas as first lady mrs. obama took a tour of port-
6:45 am
au-prince. her helicopter landing among the ruins of haiti's presidential palace where they were greeted by president preval. the first lady walked the streets. the quake killed 300,000 people and left more than a million homeless. many haitians have wondered why president obama hasn't yet visited, especially since the first black commander in chief of the u.s. is popular in haiti and is a relatively short flight from washington, d.c. the goodwill visit my may alleviate those concerned. the u.s. has spent $1 million in aid and pledged over a billion more. >> as haiti recovers and rebuilds you will have a steady and reliable partner the united states of america. >> reporter: as the difficult and rainy hurricane season begins, haitians will need all the help they can get. catherine brown, cbs news, the
6:46 am
white house. howard bernstein is back with an update on the forecast. is the fog dissipating? >> a somewhat. south of 66 the dense fog advisory has been scaled back but west of 95 and north of virginia. east west virginia panhandle we are dealing with a dense fog advisory. we are dealing with that the next few days. talk about what happened. showers yesterday. they pushed through yesterday evening and dropped to the south and east. and for us that means we were in good shape here as we said good-bye to them. however, with low-level moisture in place that's what we were looking at. looking at the visibilities dropped off. we cleared out. low-level moisture and light winds. that's why we were able to form all the fog we have been forming this morning. dense fog advisory has been scaled back but loudoun county, fairfax not in it but loudoun, montgomery, howard across the pennsylvania border in to
6:47 am
frederick county, virginia, that goes until 10:00 unless they drop it but visibility as you see in lees bug and gaithersburg zero. a quarter mile martinsburg and hagerstown. on the eastern shore, down to east and cambridge a visible is a half mile or less. please watch that. 62 this afternoon with sunshine. some spots south and west in the mid-60s. friday afternoon and evening the next front brings us a threat of showers. at the bus stop, the bus stop forecast, chimely with patchy dense fog. mid-30s up north. low 50s south. sun came up 15 minutes ago. we are looking at a partly to mostly sunny coolish afternoon. 60 to 65. southeast winds may keep areas on the west side of the bay in the 50s. 40s under mainly clear skies another chilly night ahead. gaithersburg and hagerstown to 34. york 36. we will in the 40s in washington and 47. 41 arlington.
6:48 am
35 for laytonsville with the fog by you. watch for that. 41 reston and ft. belvoir 46. national checking in with 47. the sun is out there and a northeast wind at 7 miles an hour. once we get rid of the fog it will be a nice afternoon. a little cool. low to mid-60s west and southwest. tomorrow and friday in the 70s with late showers bringing us a cooler weekend. could be a sprinkle on saturday. highs saturday and sunday around 60. it is 6:48. we have the traffic for you. hello, everybody. we are creeping closer to the 7:00 hour and take a look. what can you see? hardly anything because this is what we are dealing with out on 270. a lot of roads in maryland, 95, baltimore-washington parkway, i- 370 and 70. these heavily traveled roads, they have a lot of fog to contend with. we are seeing a slow go stretch from germantown road to 370. good reason to take it slow. let's move to 66 heading
6:49 am
eastbound. below speed 234 to 29 and again 50 to route 123. no incidents or accidents there. 395 delays are from the beltway to seminary and slowing down bumper-to-bumper across the 14th street bridge. we have volume we are tracking as drivers make their way in to dc across the key bridge there to make their way this to georgetown taking a right on m street. no incidents along the way. 50 westbound, taking a look out here. fog from the eastern shore crossing the bay bridge making your way past 301 toward bowie and beyond. that's the traffic. now, back to you. in an update on a story we brought you last night at 7:00. somehow a draft of a policy proposal found its way to hundreds of virginia felons. it said to write a personal letter to the governor to get voting rights restored and asked nonviolent offenders to explain the circumstances of the rearrest and conviction. a spokesman for governor
6:50 am
mcdon't tell says the letters were mailed by mistake. did you get stuck in the pileup that closed down 95 and the prince william parkway. five people suffered nonlife- threatening injuries. this mess of a matter main break in baltimore has been fixed this morning. a 20-inch main ruptured in fort mchenry. as you can see it flooded streets but the water did not reach 95 or 895. in sports, the wizards season mercifully comes toed and tonight. washington tips off against indiana at 8:00. meanwhile the nationals visit the phillies. the first pitch is at 7:05. the capitals are growing their playoff beards. it is a hockey tradition and we know some of you out there are joining them and we want to see your playoff beard. upload your picture by going to the sports page at
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see how it compares to other caps fans. 46 degrees here in northwest washington. no more rum in the marine -- no more room in the marine corps marathon. how fast the race filled up.
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a man is recovering after he was hit by a metro bus. it happened at alabama avenue and irving street in southeast. police are investigating. virginia's governor wants more funding for the rocket launch site on the eastern shore. bob mcdonnell wants 700,000 more dollars for wallace island. he says it will bring new jobs to the commonwealth. it took less than six days for the marine corps marathon to fill up. 30,000 people registered for the race. the race will be run on sunday, october 31st. we have some patchy dense
6:55 am
fog, especially north and west of town. temperatures will recover in the low to mid-60s. it will be mostly sunny. angie will have another look at the traffic and i will have the seven-day forecast when we return.
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somewhere in america... the slightest breeze harbors immense power. the tallest buildings leave the lightest footprints. a fifty-ton train makes barely a mark on the environment. and a country facing climate change
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finds climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers.
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siemens. come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. another look in the dumb criminal files and this guy was caught on tape. check out the video from tulsa, oklahoma. a burglar broke in to a pharmacy and got a ladder and he heard sirens and tries to climb his way out of the ceiling and falls. he tries again and falls again. it happened six times. finally on the seventh try he got out. police are now searching for this burglar. >> oh, gosh. six times. >> wow.
6:59 am
>> you see a guy limping he may be the burglar. 270, check it out. what can you see? nothing. because we have heavy fog on 270 frederick to montross. expect more delays than usual. take it slow. on the outer loop, you are delayed from 95 to georgia. no incidents to report out here. and 95 northbound in virginia. pretty much stop and go from the prince william parkway to backlick. plus ten minutes for that. the fog will burn off in the next couple of hours. low to mid-60s today. late shower on friday will lead to a cooler weekend around 60. wall street is looking high area and we are already at 11,000 for in the dow so it could be higher from there. and we will have more on a florida girl found day after she went missing. the next news is at noon but until then, go to for news, weather and traffic. >> we will see you tomorrow at 4:25. have a
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